Our expertise is based not only on extensive knowledge of the employee benefit domain down to the smallest details, but also on some benefits you won’t find anywhere else: an unmatched bargaining power with insurance companies, a vision centered on real support, an effective approach, and exclusive analytical and computational tools. These give us a realistic and complete picture of your business and an excellent understanding of means needed to provide you with a plan that meets your expectations and those of your employees.

The objective is to reduce the cost of your benefit plans. However, there are other courses to take to maximize the return on your investment. More can be done to customize your plans to your business, and time must be taken to do it right. Our TOC (Target, Organize, and Communicate) approach precisely aims to do that. We will explain all that at a future meeting.


Taking Advantage of the Expertise


Our firm is one of very few in Quebec that offers a combination of group insurance and pension plans for all SMEs regardless of industry. In addition, we have an agreement with every insurance company and enjoy total independence from them; so we have all the leeway necessary to make choices and to recommend one for your benefit and that of your employees. We are thus able to negotiate the best group insurance and pension plans for all Quebec SMEs.

Our expertise will help you to accurately determine your needs and those of your employees and to offer personalized and appropriate solutions to use your benefit plans as a real tool of talent attraction and retention. Contact us to learn more!




Offers focused on the well-being of your employees and the profitability of your business.

All possible coverage, standard plan, healthcare spending account, modular plan, self-insurance, retention plan, cost-plus plan, employee  assistance program, etc.


Pension plans appropriate for your business to help increase employee loyalty.

Group RRSPs, DPSPs, SIPPs, group TFSA, VRSP and IPP.




Support in the development of various talents acquisition and retention strategies.